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About American Power Group:

Alternative fuel solutions that can generate a brighter tomorrow

ABOUT-APG_1American Power Group (APG) designs and produces proven alternative fuel solutions for stationary power generators, backup power systems and commercial transportation. These innovative and proven technologies decrease our dependence on imported oil, achieve significant improvement to our air quality and provide measurable fuel and maintenance savings due to its patented combustion performance.

ABOUT-APG_2American Power Group is energizing the future of power with innovative dual fuel systems that reduce costs, lower emissions and incorporate the use of alternative energy sources. This technology helps realize the potential for more cost-efficient, greener and cleaner fuels that align with the stimulus initiative for new energy solutions. Through the science of combustion, we create dual fuel systems for stationary or backup power, as well as commercial transportation. These proprietary solutions supply a blend of economical natural gas alternatives and diesel specifically harmonized to the unique specifications of commercial diesel engines. It's a retrofit solution that is engineered to work with existing engines, so it transforms existing equipment into lean, clean power systems. Simply put, it's reshaping the future of green energy for a better tomorrow. That's why hundreds of customers from around the globe have adopted the American Power dual fuel solution to fuel their distributed electric, backup power and transportation systems.


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