Financing Options

APG’s Dual Fuel Solutions deliver impressive savings from the moment it’s installed.

No other technology offers the savings and flexibility of American Power Group. APG’s Dual Fuels Systems reduce operating cost – often by as much as 40%* – by introducing up to 65% natural gas. APG customers will see an immediate drop in diesel usage and often see a full return on their Dual Fuel investment in as little as one year.


In addition to diesel owners having their own banking and financing relationships, APG and many of their dealers have a number of national and regional financing options available.


APG has partnered with VFG Energy Leasing & Finance to provide a wide array of flexible lease and finance options where positive cash flow and increased take-home pay occurs the very first month of Dual Fuel ownership.


Customers make the strategic decision to finance APG Dual Fuel Technology. Learn more about financing today.


*Savings dependent on fuel costs, application and engine model.

Don’t let financing become an issue in converting a large percent of your fleet!

The validated fuel savings of APG’s Dual Fuel System is unmatched by any other technology today!

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Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel Conversions






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