Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel Conversions


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APG has partnered with WheelTime® - North America’s largest dedicated service and parts provider for diesel engines - to establish the most complete network of sales, installation and service professionals.

Contact APG for assistance in locating your nearest authorized Dealer/Installer.

The WheelTime® Network is comprised of 18 member-companies with over 180 service centers, 30 training centers and 3,500 certified technicians providing quality, affordable service and repair.


In addition to being authorized dealers and certified installers of APG Dual Fuel Technology, the WheelTime® member companies routinely package and install CNG and LNG tank fueling systems, giving fleet owners a single point of contact for all their natural gas fuel system needs.


To find an APG Dealer / Installer near you, please click on one of the following:


WheelTime® Network Dealers (North America)


Valley Truck Parts - (Michigan)




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